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Section 3 Business Enterprise Fact Sheet

Department of Procurement and Economic Opportunities

In accordance with the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, recipients of funds for federally assisted housing and redevelopment projects shall, to the greatest extent feasible, provide economic opportunities in employment, training and contracting to Section 3 residents and businesses.

As a contractor, Associated Contracting Services is committed to providing employment opportunities to both Section 3 residents and qualified Section 3 owned businesses.

Are you a Section 3 Business Enterprise?

A Section 3 Business Enterprise is:

  • A business that is at least 51 percent or more owned by  Section 3 residents.
  • A business whose 30 percent of permanent, full-time employees are Section 3 residents, or were Section 3 within the past 3 years.
  • A business that will commit to subcontract 25 percent or more of all ACS contract dollar awards to Section businesses.

A Section 3 Resident is:

  • A public housing resident, or
  • A low income person who lives in the metropolitan area where HUD-assisted project for housing or community development is located. Low income is defined as income below 80% of the median household income of that area. The 2005 median household income for this Metropolitan Statistical Area is $60,300.

The Section Resident Certificates are available for you to survey your current and prospective employees. To determine if a person is a Section 3 resident you must consider the family’s annual household income and the number of persons in the household. The chart below will help you to identify a person as a Section 3 resident. Find the family size on the chart, if the family’s annual income is equal to or less than the income listed below that box, that person is a Section 3 resident.

Family Size









Annual Income









Examples of Section 3 jobs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative/Management (accounting, payroll, research, bookkeeping, purchasing, word processing);
  • Services (repair, florists, marketing, carpet installation, janitorial, catering, landscaping, printing, computer services, transportation);
  • Construction (architecture, bricklaying, carpentry, cement/masonry, demolition, drywall, electrical, elevator construction, engineering, fencing, heating/ac, ironworks, machine & equipment operator, painting, plastering, plumbing, tile setting, unskilled labor, semi-skilled trades, skilled trades).

Associated Contracting Services is committed to providing employment opportunities to both Section 3 residents and qualified Section 3, and Minority (MBE), Women-Owned (WBE) businesses.

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