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Evergreen Condominiums, Smith Field VA

Evergreen Acres is located on Cedar Street in the Town of Smithfield, VA. It is a development of 31 existing and proposed duplex and attached single family townhomes. The project was started in 2001 by others, and was taken over by ACS in 2007, in order to complete the building of the townhomes and the required street and utility improvements. The stated purpose of this development is to provide affordable housing to the residents of Smithfield, and ACS is fully committed to fulfilling that goal.

There are considerable difficulties in the development of the remaining land east and south of Cedar Street, to include the location of a ravine, the elevation differences which occur across the site, and the location of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area. To meet the difficulties of the site, it is proposed to include an 80 unit senior apartment complex to the development. This proposal for Evergreen Acres will also offer opportunities to the Town to assist in addressing the needs of the Pinewood Heights neighborhood. The proposed apartment building would be three stories on the street frontage. But it would be developed as four stories on the interior, in order to work with and take advantage of the slope change across the site, rather than have to fill the site as required for the roadway construction. The new apartment building would be constructed to include meeting and recreation rooms, and include other services, which would be opened to the residents of the existing and adjacent Covenant Manor Seniors facility.

The 12 new duplex/attached homes will front on Cedar Street, which provides a better look, but will access their garages and parking from the rear via an alley, and a shared entrance with the seniors facility parking lot. This access is proposed in order to minimize the curb cuts on Cedar Street.

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